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Valiant Universe: The Deckbuilding Game

Hidden beneath Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary is a massive, hidden research installation run by the secretive organization known as project Rising Spirit. This mysterious installation, code named “the Facility,” uses unknown energies to morph and transform itself at will to keep horrid villains, dangerous creatures, alien entities, and top-secret research projects trapped within. Rumors of the Facility’s existence and its most prized possessions have leaked, and the Valiant Universe’s most powerful organizations—The Harbinger Foundation, the Renegades, GATE, and more—are taking an interest. The world may never be the same.

In Valiant Universe: The Deck-Building Game you command an organization attempting to seize the secret Alcatraz base. Purchase cards to craft a unique deck, and battle your way through the ever-changing Facility grid that moves during play to gain access to a card or damage another player. Maneuver your superhero miniatures to battle it out with other superheroes for ultimate control!

From the rules:
"Each player assumes the role of an
Organization within the Valiant Universe,
attempting to infiltrate the Facility and gain
control while fighting off any other Organizations
along the way.
The Facility is abstractly represented by a grid
of cards: 5 Levels (rows) x 5 Blocks (columns), for
25 decks of cards. Each deck on this grid is known
as a Sector.
To gain ultimate control of the Facility, each
player will play cards from their hands to deal
damage to other Organizations and manipulate
the cards in the grid—which represents the Facility
morphing and changing. Players will also have the
opportunity to purchase cards from their Zone of
Influence (ZOI) on the Facility. Additionally, players
can move their Superhero miniature around the
Facility’s Sectors to deal additional damage to
Opponents, while making use of their Abilities on
their Power card.
Along the way, the Facility may also strike
back at the players. As fighting rages throughout
the underground complex, damage is also inflicted
not just to Organizations but to the Facility as well,
marked using the Facility Durability Tracker. As
more damage is received, more Sectors
go into shutdown, making those cards
unavailable for purchase, as well as
potentially causing damage to a player’s
As Organizations take damage, their
Cohesion drops; a measure of their overall
strength, morale, leadership, and ability to keep
fighting. If an Organization’s Cohesion ever drops
to 0, they retreat from the Facility and are
out of the game.
The last player remaining in the game
is the winner as they seize control of the
Facility and its exotic treasures!"

Valiant Universe: The Deckbuilding Game

  • How to Play!

  • Number of Players

    2 - 8 Players


  • Time to Play

    120 minutes

  • Age


  • Library Location

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