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Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game

Stonehenge is an anthology board game, a new concept where five award-winning game designers, all using the same gaming components, create five very different games in one box. The ancient ruin of Stonehenge will never be the same. The five games are:

  • a magic game by Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering, RoboRally, The Great Dalmuti)
  • a political game by Bruno Faidutti (Mystery of the Abbey, Citadels, Knightmare Chess)
  • a battle game by Richard Borg (Battle Cry, Liar's Dice, Memoir '44)
  • an auction game by James Ernest (Kill Dr. Lucky, Diceland, Pirates of the Spanish Main)
  • a science-fiction game by Mike Selinker (Risk Godstorm, Pirates, Axis & Allies Revised)


From racing through the ruins to auctioning them off, these five games and other new games designed for it, will keep Stonehenge fresh for years to come.

Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game

SKU: 1601250258
  • How to Play!

  • Number of Players

    2 - 5 Players


  • Time to Play

    60 minutes

  • Age


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