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You play a wizard racing to create the Elixir of Life. This magical brew can make anyone who drinks it live forever. Three potions form the Elixir. They're called "Parts One, Two, and Three". The object of the game is to collect all three parts of the Elixir of Life.

Trouble is, no one knows the Elixir's secret formula when the game begins. To discover it, you must experiment by brewing different ingredients together. The gameboard includes three shops full of ingredients: Special Supplies, the Herbalist, and the Jeweller's. During play, you move around the board, buy ingredients from the shops, and take them back to your lab to brew a potion.

A potion has at least three ingredients: 1 special supply, 1 herb, and 1 or more gems. The result is either part of the Elixir or another potion that can help wizards during play. For example, Speedy Soda lets you move around the board faster.

Beware of the street. Every time you stop there, you meet a mysterious stranger. Some are friendly. But others will try to attack you!

The first player who has all 3 parts of the Elixir of Life at the end of his turn wins the game.


  • How to Play!



  • Number of Players

    2 - 4  Players


  • Time to Play

    60 minutes

  • Age


  • Library Location

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